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July 17, 2020
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Stay Informed About Load Shedding

To be prepared, is important for every customer to know the answers to 3 important questions at all times:

1. When it is likely that load shedding will next take place?

The outlook for the country’s power system can be monitored in the following ways:

  • Notices on the Eskom website,
  • Eskom App “MyEskom” – free download from apple, windows mobile and android
  • Eskom on Facebook and twitter
  • Eskom’s Bi-weekly Power Bulletin information notices
  • Power Alert updates on television
  • Information distributed to the local media
  • Eskom’s Quarterly State of the Power System updates (for Media)
  • Ongoing energy efficiency and loss protection programmes – most notably 49M, Integrated Demand Management (IDM), and Operation Khanyisa.

2. Is load shedding happening in the country today? And if, so, at what Stage?

The status of the power system can be monitored and notice of load shedding will be given in the following ways:

  • In the media (internet news sites, national, regional and local radio stations, and the print media)
  • Through social media platforms (Eskom on Twitter and Facebook)
  • Notices on the Eskom website
  • MyEskom app

3. Am I scheduled to be affected by today, and if so, what Stage and time will I be impacted?

Load shedding schedules can be accessed as follows:

  • Eskom customers:
    • Load shedding schedules on the Eskom website,
    • Calling the Eskom Contact Centre on 08 600 ESKOM (086 003 7566)
    • MyEskom app
  • Municipal customers:
    • Please obtain the information from your municipality
    • Most municipalities publish their schedules on their web sites
    • Information that is supplied by the municipalities is also published on the Eskom web site

It is strongly recommended that customers should check their schedules frequently, because the schedules are altered from time to time. It is also recommended that you print or make a note of your schedule information and keep a copy available. ESKOM

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